Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Shots from 'Sitanda'

These photographs are from a scene in 'Sitanda,' ace director Izu Ojukwu's award-winning movie starring Ali Nuhu and Azizat Sadiq.
Don't mind that they are upside-down! That's the way they are in the movie shot; inginious, isn't it? One of the defining moments in the movie is where Sitanda (Ali Nuhu) and Sermu (Azizat Sadiq) adore each other at the slave camp (pictured here). No wonder the film won prizes at the AMAA award held in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, on March 14.
More grease to the elbows of our own Ali Nuhu.


Anonymous said...

Sitanda is the pride of our home movies. we are now beginning to see the take over of Hollywood by Nollywood. Kudos to Izu and my best actress in the movie 'sermo'

rantimi said...

SITANDA? to say the truth as a film lecturer and a critic, that film shouldn't have been nominated talkless of winning an award. Try an see IJA OKAN by Bayo Alawiye and give your opinion. sitanda plotline is too porous, the shooting is not bad actually but it can be better especially the war scene and when sitanda was running away with his friends. coalescing an epic with modern action is okay for experimentation, but there must be a good transition. theme of love and taboo, okay...the resolution is badly done..sitanda who can simply become the king and change the law of human sacrifice on ground or simply give the order for a replacement, instead of making him go away. how come about the taboo plaguing the wife of bimbo manuel? the story is not well linked. the epic what period, sixteenth century, seventeenth or ancient? because the costume should be before our encounter with the west...the rain motif is okay, but the rain is it artificial or natural because someplace seems dry and no rain at all from a particular angle.on the scale of 1-10, it will not score above 4. I have seen the movie and have actually written a paper on it after teaching my students with it. GOOD LUCK TO THE DIRECTOR (IZU OJUKWU)NEXT TIME.

Anonymous said...

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